Thursday, June 01, 2006

Academic Excellence for All Children

I'm tired of reading and hearing that those of us opposing the school closure plan value "bricks and mortar" over children's education. That is a ridiculous and offensive accusation.

I am opposed to the overly ambitious and flawed closure plan put forward by the CAC.

I am opposed to the School Board moving forward quickly on closure when the CACIEE report specifically recommended not doing so until a unifying and clear vision was developed and articulated.

I am opposed to the Seattle School District having such a badly run
administration that money is wasted in countless ways.

I am opposed to living in a city that is willing to settle for having a public school system that almost 40% of parents won't send their children to.

I’d be willing to see some school buildings close. I even supported the idea in the past. But my support for that idea has been destroyed by the flawed CAC closure plan, pursued in isolation, without any clear vision presented by the district of how it fits into an overall framework of academic excellence for all children.

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