Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why the Express Train to School Closure?

After listening to Brita Butler-Wall on KUOW this morning, I have many unanswered questions.

Why is the School Board ignoring the Superintendent's CACIEE's recommendations? Why are they destroying the good will and consensus built during a slow and thoughtful community process led by Trish Millines Dziko and John Warner?

If the school closure issue is so important, why couldn't Brita Butler-Wall or Irene Stewart even show up at a single Town Meeting in the week after preliminary recommendations were issued?

Why can't the School Board be honest about the motivation behind the closure plan? The small amount of money being saved through school closures is not worth the damage being done to the morale of teachers, parents and children around the city, and reputation of Seattle Public Schools. This rapid closure plan seems to be mainly about the School Board wanting to "look good" to the city, the state, and private foundations to get in line for future funding.

The more I learn about how and why Seattle got on this express train towards school closure, the less I like our public school leadership.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Butler-Wall did go to at least two of the Town Halls before the preliminary recommendations. I know because I was there.

Beth Bakeman said...

Thanks for that info. I specifically meant the 5 Town Meetings after the preliminary recommendations, but I should have been more clear.