Monday, June 05, 2006

Pathfinder Does Not Belong in the Boren Building

Pathfinder, a wonderful alternative K-8 program in West Seattle, is one of the latest victims of the flawed and overly aggressive school closure plan.

The original closure plan would have moved Pathfinder to the High Point building, which is an appropriate size and in good condition. However, with the agreement to merge High Point and Fairmount Park instead of closing both schools (which I support; consolidation rather than closure wherever possible), the district now suggests moving Pathfinder to the Boren building.

Pathfinder would move from its current building, which is in horrible shape and too small, to a building that is way too large (over 1000 seats of a capacity for a program with approximately 400 students) and in even worse shape. Why? I guess to reach the magic number of closed buildings.

If the district can't find a suitable building for Pathfinder, close the Boren building instead and leave Pathfinder alone. No one benefits from this proposed move. See No to CAC Proposed Move to Boren for more details.

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