Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Myth of the Unaffected School

Several people I've talked with about the school closure plan have told me they are not involved because "it doesn't affect my school."

Maybe it doesn't affect your school directly, but every school in this district will be affected by the school closure plan, and the effects I can predict are not positive.

Possible effects include:
  • Higher class sizes
  • More difficulty getting your child into a school you want because there is little (or no) excess capacity
  • Newer teachers bumped out by teachers in closed schools with more seniority
  • Spaces currently used for parent resource rooms, after school clubs, childcare or other "non-academic" functions converted into classrooms to maximize capacity numbers

And this doesn't even touch on the likely changes in student assignment plans.

Everyone needs to get involved! Learn about what is being proposed and make your voice heard. Check out the School Board calendar for upcoming opportunities to join in the discussion.

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