Friday, June 02, 2006

No Logic, No Vision, No Sense

Raj says he's listened to us.

"Specifically we have heard from families who want more access to K-8, dual language, and alternative programs, especially in the South and Southeast areas of the District. We look forward to engaging our communities in conversation about the types and nature of programs that families want, and how those programs fit into our overall vision."

First, I'm thrilled that he is willing to talk about what sorts of programs families want, but don't you think that having that conversation before recommending closing schools and cutting off options would have been a good idea?

Secondly, what vision? The "The Academic Vision of Seattle Public Schools" presented on pages 7 to 10 of the Superintendent's preliminary recommendation doesn't begin to describe a cohesive, coherent vision.

Finally, much of the language in the Superintendent's report makes me want to gag, or maybe just make that hairball sound ("CAC"), but this excerpt wins the prize for tonight: "Additionally, partially-full buildings do not lend themselves to the most appropriate education for students, because teachers do not have enough colleagues to collaborate and because there are not enough students to permit flexible instructional groupings." Give me a break! Maybe that would be true with 2 teachers and 40 students, but does he really believe that is true in any of the Seattle schools?

Tomorrow we regroup for action. Tonight, I scream, cry and go to bed.

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