The Hall Monitor blog

Here's a link to the Partnership for Learning's blog, The Hall Monitor, that has links to many education stories.

For example, this from an article following analysis of what happens after students after they graduate in Oklahoma and Florida:

"As more states follow Oklahoma's lead, there will be more measures to choose from. Some states have already connected their education data systems to databases containing information about employment, welfare, and public safety. In addition to tracking students into college, the Florida Department of Education3 publishes, for each high school, statistics such as:
  • The percent of high school graduates working in Florida on a full-time and/or part-time basis the autumn after graduation
  • Average hourly earnings of employed graduates, as well as the percent of employed graduates with earnings meeting certain hourly wage thresholds
  • The percent of graduates working for the federal government
  • The percent of graduates enlisted in the military
  • The percent of graduates receiving food stamps and/or aid from the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program
  • The percent of graduates who are incarcerated or under community supervision

Florida can also track the field in which graduates are working, creating new ways to evaluate the success of vocational education and other programs focused on the work force."

Certainly sounds like information that could be useful on many fronts, both educational and economic.


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