Mystery Board sessions

Just took a look at the Board calendar for June and found these items for June 27th:

Public Hearing, Director District Changes
5:45pm - 6:00pm

Public Hearing, 2007/08 Budgets
6:00pm - 7:00pm

I'm wondering if the Board Director District changes are for boundaries. Seems odd, given that the assignment boundaries would still have to be redrawn. Wouldn't you want to do the assignment boundaries before the director boundaries. Brita

I'm not sure I remember a public hearing on the budgets so late in the year.

Anyway, something to put on your radar should you be interested in attending.


Sorry about the funky typeface; I was having trouble getting it to all be the same.
Anonymous said…
District boundaries are unrelated to assignment. This is Director district boundaries. They have to match City data, and need to be updated in sufficient time before the primary elections to ensure that people know which primary race they are voting in.
Beth Bakeman said…
Melissa, to get rid of "funky typeface", click on the "Edit HTML" tab when creating a post, and delete all the codes.

Thanks for sharing this calendar info.

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