Sunday, June 03, 2007

Schools Deep-Pocketed Partners

This utterly fascinating article from the NY Times covers many issues in private giving. I almost don't know where to start.

I'll just say that I always wished the Alliance for Education had turned out differently. I thought it was either going to be a fundraising arm for the district or something like what is described in this article, a foundation to oversee giving. I'm not sure I fully understand (despite having read the Alliance's website) how they pick their focus and much the district is involved. Maybe I can get an interview with their new leader (I'm not a journalist, of course, but as an involved parent and blogger maybe he might want to spread the word of what the Alliance's focus and goals are).


Anonymous said...

Alliance laid off 4 staff members last week, at least 2 fairly senior. Not for cause, as far as I know - I've heard it's to kickstart a leaner organization with some changes in course and/or philosophy.

I went to the fundraising breakfast last month and it was pretty inspiring. Both new director Patrick D'Amelio and keynote speaker Mark Emmert had a more populist message than I would have expected from the Alliance - and Mark Emmert in particular exhorted folks to "opt in" to Seattle Schools beyond just as a philanthropy.

New Alliance, new sup't, new faces on the board, a new focus on public education in Olympia...we could be on the threshold of a great era in Seattle schools. Hope springs eternal!

Anonymous said...

PS - I would love to see an interview of Patrick D'Amelio on this blog - or even a post if he were so inclined. It would be great to hear where the Alliance is headed and how parents and communties can support the effort.