Thanks Linda

Today was the final day for Linda Thomas' fun and interesting education blog at the Seattle PI. Thanks to Linda for a great forum and her charming off-the-cuff takes on life. This leaves an opening there if someone might want to continue an education blog at the PI. Anyone?

This being the last day of school (and as Linda has alerted us to in our kids' yearbooks), HAGS to all. (Have a Great Summer.)


Sarah0003 said…
Yes. Incrementally -- but most certainly -- our public school system is better for Linda's efforts. Electronic applause deserved and given.
Anonymous said…
no kidding - i heartily agree and told her so on her blog. she's the bomb.
Anonymous said…
You're too kind. Thanks!

I'll still be an SPS parent (until 2018, sigh) and a blog reader. This blog is awesome, and I'll be back to read frequently.

Best to all,


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