Well, There's Always Mercer Island

This from the Times today. Looks like Mercer Island district doesn't have enough students and will take kids from the "mainland". I wonder what percentage of MI kids go to private school?


Jet City mom said…
I don't think there is a higher percentage of kids attending private school on Mercer Island, than in any other neighborhood.

Just going by the addresses of the parents at my kids "private" schools anyway. ;)

I think for Mercer Island- just from my unprofessional opinion- there are a couple things going on.
Always has been small under 18 population- never has had more than one high school as far as I know, even during the 60s when even city schools were packed.

"Neighborhoods" are not really set up for ease of family life.
Great houses, but do you want your kids to ride their bikes along side the road?

Higher end than many communities, which also tend to have smaller families. I don't know anyone personally, who has ever lived on the Island, who has more than two kids.

Perhaps there is something in the water.

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