Changes at Marshall

This was in the Seattle PI today. I remember the Seattle Times doing a front page article on this in the spring. If there are any Marshall teachers reading this blog, I would love to hear your perspective on this.


Anonymous said…
There are some fabulous teachers at John Marshall, in particular the teachers in the behavior intervention special ed programs. They deinately are on the right path, and have great hearts, but were under an adminstrator who was literally counting the days he had left. I hope that these good teachers and thier programs are relocated to sites where they can get the support and professional developlment that they need, and from which they can really flurish.
Anonymous said…
I am a Marshall teacher and most of us are celebrating. The new interim principal is married to a former teacher from the special ed program, so she is very familiar with the school and its needs. Unfortunately, though, this is too little, too late. Over the past few years most of the teachers have found other positions and schools that are better run. This is a huge loss for students, but teachers just couldn't take it any more.

Anonymous said…
The only experience that I have with any of the Marshall teachers is that one of them was previously a long term substitute in a building where I also spent my days.
That experience was not positive and when he left, we assumed he left the district. I was surprised when I saw him at Marshall.
However- perhaps he has found his niche- I don't know

Way too much turnover-
kids with the most challenges can show the most benefit from strong consistent & dependable instruction & they are the most harmed by their lack.

I would like to see staff who are recruited for their skill in working with challenged youth & who are appropriately supported and compensated for doing so.

We owe it to them- because in some cases- these kids are the canary in the coal mine- showing the inadaquacies of our schools
Anonymous said…
What do you do when your canary dies?
Anonymous said…
I am a special education teacher who interviewed for a position at Marshall 8 years ago. At the time I had had 4 years experience working with students in juvenile detention and in day treatment programs. What I saw was appalling, and I declined their job offer. At the time when I interviewed, the behavior intervention teachers were only certified in preschool. I am sure they were very creative and caring,a but they did not have the background to teach their students. The "instructional assistants" were huge guys who were essentially bullies who got into power struggles with the kids. I asked what the behavior management system for the program was, and they said, "Well, we were hoping you'd develop it." Uh-Uh. A few preventable fights broke out in front of me and were handled poorly. I took a pass on that situation, but didn't know what I could do as a person who just did an interview and a walk-through. I am so glad that the dysfunction of the school has come to light.

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