Superintendent's Entry Plan

You can view the Superintendent's Entry Plan on the District web site.

The purpose of the Entry Plan is to increase confidence in Seattle Public Schools by

- clarifying and widely communicating expectations for accountability and improvement
- analyzing data, sharing outcomes and plans for improvement
- introductions to staff and the Seattle community

Obviously it isn't possible for her to do any of the first two. She hasn't had time to form any expectations, analyze data, produce outcomes, or make plans. So far, the Entry Plan, which runs through January 2008, has exclusively featured the third of those purposes. Dr. Goodloe-Johnson has been on a meeting tour of Seattle.

I believe that she has met with the media, the Board, the District Senior Staff, the local political leadership, and will be visiting the schools over the course of the coming year. By my reckoning, she should be starting to meet with community leaders now. These include:
* Parent groups
* Unions and other professional groups
* Philanthropic groups
* Business groups
* Faith-based groups
* Community based organizations

The purpose of the community group meetings is to build understanding, support, and establish means of regular communication. I presume that the understanding, support, and communication will be in both directions.

I also presume that these meetings will be with the PTA, the various District-appointed advisory committees (Alternative ed, APP, Spectrum, Special Ed, Bilingual, BEX oversight, etc.), the Alliance for Education (she will be on the Board), various Seattle Rotary groups (she will probably join #4) and assorted Chambers of Commerce. She may - or may not - also meet with CPPS, CEASE, SOS, the Urban League, and the NAACP.

Though it ranges dangerously close to gossip, I must admit that I am interested to know how many community groups she will meet with, which ones, and when. So, if for no other reason than to satisfy my idle curiosity, please report any Dr. Maria sightings.

Thank you!


Maria Ramirez said…
Last night she attend a reception in her honor at the Four Seas Restaurant in the International District. Alan Sugiyama (former Board member, Director, Center for Career Alternatives) was the M.C. The event was sponsored by the Asian Pacific Directors Coalition. The turnout was fantastic. Four School Board Candidates attended along with Cheryl Chow and other electeds. Maria's family was there along with Michelle Corker-Curry and Carla Santorno. Maria was one of the last one's to leave.

She talked with many who went to meet her. Look for an article in the NW Asian paper.

It was a very nice event that ran from 6-8pm.
Dan Dempsey said…
Great Job of reporting Charlie.
Thanks so much.
Charlie Mas said…
Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson will attend the CPPS annual meeting on September 17 at the John Stanford Center auditorium. This is clearly part of her entry plan.
Maria Ramirez said…
This is the invite (next paragraph) that went out to service providers regarding an event Campaña Quetzal is planning for September 22. Please join us to learn about our new pilot we are calling "Pathways". We are very excited to be working with principals from Roxhill, Concord, Highland Park, Denny Middle School, Chief Sealth and West Seattle High School.
We will be working in partnership to increase parent involvement working to create a culture of education with parents, developing leaders in the schools, and working with parents to take action to advocate for change. We hope to make this a model for other parts of the City and whole school communities. But first we need to show succes with this pilot project. Campaña is also partnering in a pilot for an aferschool Literacy Club at Concord Elementary for 1st and 2nd graders. We are also seeking funds to offer afterschool or Saturday school options for High School students. We hope to provide tutoring and Mentoring in Math, LA, AGE, etc. Students will have an opportunity to retrieve some credits.
Please join us to learn more.

Campaña Quetzal is celebrating the 2007-08 school-year with a report back to the community about our Pathways Model and by welcoming the new Seattle Public Schools Superintendent of Public Instruction Maria L. Goodloe-Johnson (she has been invited).

The event will be held at Chief Sealth High School on Saturday September 22nd, from 9 am until 1 pm. We are expecting about 300 people. In addition to great speakers, free food and childcare, we will also have resource table fair where you will have an opportunity to set up a table for families to learn more about your program.

If you and/or your organization would like to participate during the resource fair, between 11 am to 1 pm, please, contact me by Wednesday Sept 19, 2007 to reserve your table. I am also attaching the flyer so that you can help spread the word about the event.

Thank you and we hope to see you on September 22, 2007.

Thank you

Analia Bertoni
Community Organizer
Campaña Quetzal


Maria G. Ramirez & Adrian Moroles, Co-Executive Directors, Campaña Quetzal. (

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