Times Article on District 6 Candidates

From today's Times, an article on the District 6 Candidates. It makes me want to hear more from the candidates on their stated ideas. To wit:

Steve: there are a lot of programs targeted at schools that have struggling populations. How much do you think needs to be directed to them, where would the money come from (the Alliance? or other groups?) and how would you direct it?

Maria: How many schools would you have closed? What process would you have chosen? How long would you wait to redo the assignment plan if you were waiting for some schools to improve?

Dan: Is the money given to math coaches enough to lower class sizes? Again, what would you do to improve schools and how long would you wait to redo the assignment plan?

I have no questions for Mr. Fruit as he doesn't seem to know our district.


Charlie Mas said…
How do you revise the assignment plan in stages while you wait for schools to improve? Would you have one set of high school assignment plan rules for most of the district and a separate set of rules for Southeast Seattle? Would families living near under-performing schools get different rules? Would that include any under-performing school anywhere? So Roxhill area families get one set of rules and Arbor Heights area families get another?

When do school reference areas switch from one set of rules to the other? On a set schedule or would it be performance based?
Anonymous said…
All 4 candidates will be at Pathfinder Monday eve, and I would encourage everyone to ask them these tough questions.

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