Student Assignment Plan Update

This update on the Student Assignment Plan was posted today.


Anonymous said…
My God, man! What does it say!?!?! I see the words on the screen, but what does it say? Ahh... district communications strikes again... they want us to know nothing...

Charlie Mas said…
It pretty much says, as the superintendent announced at the Board meeting on the 15th, that as far as K-8 is concerned, the new assignment plan is a year away from being ready and two years away from implementation.

As far as high school is concerned, they will phase in the implementation with some elements coming in 2008-2009 but most of it happening for 2009-2010.
Anonymous said…
Don't they also say that 1) no one will have to leave a school they already attend (though transportation might be phased out) 2) sibling preferences will still apply and 3) they _will_ be making some form of "reference areas" for high school? (the last is a real guess).

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