New slogan

Have you all noticed the District's new slogan: "Every student achieving, everyone accountable"?


Jet City mom said…
Seattle Public Schools removed longtime John Marshall High School principal Joseph Drake Friday after a consultant said the school is ineffective and unsafe.

Well- I have to say G-J is walking her talk
Anonymous said…
classof75: Yes, I agree. (Was looking for a new post regarding this news.)

Based on my son's experience at Marshall, I'm completely supportive of G-J's decision. I hope this is the beginning of strong, meaningful changes. WenG
Anonymous said…
I believe that word that most district staff have to describe this news is grateful to have leadership finally willing to address a problem.

For years Joe Drake's incompetence was covered up by his friend Mr. McWashington.

I hope that things do not stop with Marshall, and the Dr. G-J and Carla Santorno are serious about making the changes needed to help all at-risk students.

Here is a thought: instead of having one high school director handle all high schools, and one middle school director handle MS and K-8s, add a third director position for director of alternative programs.

I think that having someone dedicated to alternative instruction (heck, it would be great to know what is and is not an alternative school around SPS!) would go along way to not having these programs be after thoughts.
Charlie Mas said…
The report on Marshall included a recommendation that one central administrator be given responsibility for alternative schools.

The report was pretty clear about how Seattle has not supported their alternative schools, so this recommendation might be accepted.
Anonymous said…
The board appointed Alternative School Committee chaired by Elaine Pakcard, also recommended a director of alternative education. The alternative school community has been asking for this position for at least 6 years (since I have been involved with alt ed).
Anonymous said…
Leslie here,

I looked on the SPS website and did not see the report on-line -

Did anyone else see it there? Where was it listed, if so?

Ironic that it's easy to get from the newspaper but not from the source?

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