Student Assignment Plan meetings continue

Seattle Public Schools is hosting a series of drop-in meetings from Aug. 14-Sept. 6 so that parents and community members can continue discussion of Student Assignment Plan revisions.

The Framework, based on input from community meetings last spring, establishes parameters for revising the student assignment plan.

It is organized around five components:
* elementary schools
* middle schools
* high schools schools
* school choice
* Southeast Education Initiative

The next step is to more fully develop each component, and the District seeks community input as they proceed.

The following series of drop-in meetings have been scheduled at the John Stanford Center, 2445 Third Avenue South:

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 9-10:30 a.m., JSCEE Room 3802
Wednesday, Aug. 22, 4-6 p.m., JSCEE Room 2772
Thursday, Aug. 30, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., JSCEE Room 3802
Thursday, Sept. 6, 6:30-8:30 p.m., JSCEE Room 2774

There will be additional community workshops scheduled in the months to come. For updated information on the Student Assignment Plan, including future engagement opportunities please check the District web site at:


Two of these meetings during the day? C'mon, how many people can do that? I can and I'll let you know how many people actually show up. I think it's a waste of time to have these meetings in the dead of summer and two of them be during the day.

If they are doing more of this in the future, they should save their energies for then.
Anonymous said…
Gee, public empoloyees, how much overtime would you like SPS to pay?

Last spring there whre a lot of parents (including me) who showed to these meetings during the day, even during the school year.
Anonymous said…
To be fair, one of those two meetings is during what would be the lunch hour for most people.

It constantly amazes me that people seem to forget that SPS is an emloyer, it can't ask its employees to always be avialable after business hours, they have families to.

If this issue is that important to people, then it is certainly worth coming down, even if it means that you eat your lunch at the JSCEE rather than at your office.

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