Sidewalks for All

This article on the lack of sidewalks in some parts of Seattle appeared in today's Times. I know the lack of sidewalks around Hale can be troubling. You have to be really careful driving there around the opening and closing of school. The article also says it is problematic around Franklin. I was surprised by this sentence:

"Like Seattle, Olympia has hired a consultant to conduct an inventory so it knows exactly how many streets do not have sidewalks."

The City doesn't know this already? Somehow it seems like basic information.

Does anyone else know of a school area that lacks sidewalks?


Jet City mom said…
I lived in an area that had few sidewalks and walked to elementary/jr high & high school- that said, I do think that the city, after expanding north of 85th & collecting taxes all these years should install sidewalks.

( They should come out and replace some of the streetlights while they are at it- my neighbors in Ballard have been calling the city for 9 months because we have few light in our area which are working- they haven't got to us yet)

However- I don't know how much sidewalks will impact pedestrian and automobile congestion.
I have noticed that even with sidewalks high school students seem to be oblivious of others using the roads around the school.
They cross in the middle of the street- they walk six abreast, or they pull out into traffic without observing right of way.

Perhaps we should be using students as crossing guards at areas around the school- to reinforce the notion that common sense will increase safety?
Anonymous said…
Arbor Heights Elementary School in West Seattle is without sidewalks. The nearest sidewalk to the school is about three blocks away at 35th Avenue S.W.
Anonymous said…
There are no sidewalks north of 85th st. in Seattle, with the few exceptions where neighbors got together and paid for a sidewalk on their block, and a few major arterials.

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