Don't Let This Get Lost in the Closure Clutter

Monday, December 1, there will be a discussion of state funding for public schools at district headquarters at 7 p.m. From the Seattle Council PTSA flyer:

Learn more about basic education, find ways for your voice to be heard and help ensure Olympia is listening to the needs of public schools in this state.

Representative Ross Hunter will review the progress of the Basic Education Finance Task Force, scheduled to release their recommendations in Dec. 2008.

WHY: Our Education finance system has not been overhauled in over thirty years!
Budgets and curriculum that were established in the 1970’s do not work in
today’s global economy and technological world. It is time for change.
The result of this task force’s efforts and the outcomes of this upcoming
Legislative session will determine whether public schools are on the right track to make changes to ensure that our kids graduate ready for university, college and work.

Questions, or to reserve child care, please contact:,
Melinda Mann at, Kerry Cooley‐Stroum at


reader said…
Exactly. We can all cry over closures all we want... but check this out. The proposed budget cut for preK-12 is 1.3 billion dollars, and 400 million dollars to be cut for higher education (around 20% of the total). Get your mind around the size of that budget cut to education... happening right now. And there isn't much hope to be able to float some bonds out either. That means many 100 millions that won't be coming to Seattle Public Schools.

Now, when you think about the loser American auto companies, with their fat-cat union jobs, private jet flying executives, and their poorly planned generations of gas guzzlers... without the slightest consideration for the environment, or their own futures. They are asking for 25 billion now, another 25 in a couple months. Maybe there will a be a billion or 2 for Washington State coming down the pipe too. Even if the feds throw us a bone, SPS will see at least a 100 million more in education shortfalls.
dan dempsey said…
Could someone ask about the "NEWS" lawsuit headed by Thomas Ahearn of Foster and Pepper. I thought it was coming to trial in early 2009.
Mr. Edelman said…
Reader: yes, things could get very bad. School closures? Peanuts compare to what could be coming down the pike.
Sahila said…
This is barbaric.... when times get tough, you dont cut education funding - a good education is each childs' birthright and an investment in our future - you cut fixing roads, maintaining parks, freeze pay rises for senior civil servants, put tolls on roads, raise bus and train fares, raise taxes on alcohol and cigarette consumption, raise taxes on corporations such as pharmaceutical companies, raise estate duty, let the 'fat cats' in business and industry starve and die if necessary, rather than bailing them out, take out loans to tie you over until the economic tide turns again...

We and the fat cats have already had our chance and start in life... its crazy to give the adults more when kids need a solid foundation to create a successful and healthy future for themselves and society...

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