What Are You Doing Here? GO VOTE!!!

Please go vote. Your ballot has to be postmarked by tomorrow's date to be valid. If you are going to the polls, please offer a ride to the polls if you know someone who might need the help.

And, whatever the outcome, the world is watching. We need to close the divide between the parties and the so-called red states and blue states. Hooray for small towns AND for big cities. Hooray for the farmer AND for Silicon Valley. Hooray for all religions (or no religion). You get the idea. We are ALL Americans.

(That said, anyone, any party, thinking of mischief or downright theft of the election should just leave it where it belongs - in the hands of the voters.)


Jet City mom said…
saw Michael DeBell at my polling place- the inspector was giving me grief because I opted not to work today.
Turn out is steady- but everything seems to be going smoothly.
I just hope it won't be a month before we know how the governor is.
reader said…
It looks like Bergeson is getting the axe. About time!
dan dempsey said…
Looks like it could be a month on the Bergeson vs. Dorn race, but we know who the Governor is (I think).
Roy Smith said…
Seattle PI has called the SPI race for Dorn. Now that Bergeson is gone, perhaps the WASL is next . . .

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