From The State PTSA

I received this e-mail today from the state PTSA.


As you know Basic Education Funding continues to be the #1 Priority for the State PTA, Seattle Public Schools and most of our local units. State budgets that were established in the 1970’s don’t work in today economic and technological world, our kids aren’t getting enough from their public school education.

The Seattle PTA in conjunction with the League of Education Voters and CPPS, has scheduled a conversation with Rep. Ross Hunter who is on the Basic Education Finance Task Force. The Task Force is working on their final recommendations to be presented in mid- December. Rep. Hunter will present the current proposal and be available for questions

Where: John Stanford Center Auditorium, 2445 3d Ave S (at Lander)

We are asking that every school send at least one representation to know more about changes that will affect our schools and opportunities that lie ahead. Also, please spread the work and announce this event at your school. You can send out the flyer (attached) or use blurb below via school communications to let parents know about this event.

Childcare will be available but please request it so we can plan ahead. To reserve childcare, contact:


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