Where's the News?

Here's what the PI had in today's edition about the closures. The district also ran (probably because it is a legal requirement) a notice about the closure meeting (good time to run it, the day of the meeting) and the "workshops". The Times had not one word about the meeting or the announcements tonight. I expect that from the television stations but I would think the Times would do better.

Is this event at the district website on either the events or district calendar pages? Nope. Just on the Board's calendar page. On the News and Calendars page, you'd have to hunt for it to find it.

Almost as if no one wants to discuss this or say that it is really happening and yet a lot of people are going into their Thanksgiving with stress and sadness and uncertainty.


Christina said…
The Stranger has a list of schools rumored to be affected on its Slog.
cas said…
never sale real estate-there will always be kids to serve.

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