Open Thread for Arbor Heights/Pathfinder


Beth Bakeman said…
FYI, I deleted the earlier comment suggesting readers go to the Pathfinder Yahoo group because that is a membership-only group that most of this blog's readers won't be able to see.
Charlie Mas said…
I could not BELIEVE the tortured logic the District staff used to select Arbor Heights as the new location for Pathfinder instead of Cooper.

In the end, I think they should shift it to Cooper instead.
seattle citizen said…
Just an observation:
On opening this blog, I noted that there are about seven new threads, one for each school/program closure/movement. I then noted that a couple schools has one or two comments, a couple had three or four, one had seven...and APP had 23.
a) dividing these threads up is, well, divisive. Can't we all comment generally? Is this "divide and conquer"?
b) I hope that the APP stakeholders can continue to contribute to the other threads;
c) I hope that stakeholders in the other schools can step up their commentary
d) I hope that everyone is advocating for everyone (a repeat of "a", but necessary!)
Carry on.
WS Tracy said…
This relocation solution makes no sense. Why pack up Pathfinder and send it to *another substandard building*? If the district is committed to this thriving alternative program, they need to fix their building or send them to a better one that doesn't need fixing!!

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