Hands on Science at Summit K-12

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Thanks to Beth for letting me post on here!

For my first post, I thought I'd share with you one of the really cool programs that Summit K-12 has. The upper school has a science field trip to Maui, and their trip this year just started. If you would like to find out what sorts of things they're doing, visit their blog at http://summitmauitrip08.wordpress.com/. I am eagerly awaiting their first update, myself.



anonymous said…
That sounds fantastic!! What are they studying in Maui?
Jet City mom said…
Its a Marine Biology field trip.( or at least it has been in the past) I am glad that my daughter had the opportunity to go as an 8th grader @ Summit- as when she took Marine biology @ Garfield, they didn't have enough space for everyone to go.

Still is planning to major in Marine Bio however.

( Garfield has other Marine Bio trips that she did go on, Padilla Bay & Eastern Wa)
Maureen said…
Does Summit offer three full years of science in Middle School?
TechyMom said…
What are the science offerings in elementary?

I'm looking for a K for next year, and there are a lot of things I like about Summit. My daughter loves science and art and outdoor activity. You look to be strong on art and outdoor activity, so I'd like to hear about elementary science.
Jet City mom said…
the Middle school @ Summit is 7th & 8th, 6th grade is with the elementary school.
The middle school does things as a core. For example when my D was there- which was 4 years ago, as she just graduated from high school in '08, students are assigned to a core LA/SS teacher- for a chunk of the day-, this would be for the two years of middle school.
However, the middle school is also small enough that it can do things as a cohort, the end of the year of 8th grade for example, the 8th grade went on a week long trip to Camp Orkilia, while the 7th grade took the WASL.

I am not sure what the science dept looks like now- Kathryn Kelsey, who is now at the district level for middle school science was one of the teachers @ Summit when my D was there.
( Kathryn taught high school science when at Summit & was excellent- as far as I could tell)

In 6th grade, much depends on the interest and strenghts of the classroom teacher- & I can't speak to the current middle school program, but looking for more emphasis on science is a big reason why my D changed schools for high school.
Sabia said…
There is science in every grade - it may not be presented as "and now we have our science class" but each class has something science related.
In K, my kids did things like plant seeds to see how they grow and study different types of wood and what the difference is between plywood and pine and particle board, etc.
In the 1-3 class my boys both had (Lynn is now retired, but there are other wonderful teachers there, too) they had rats, snakes, and snails for hands-on everyday interaction, as well as plants in the classroom and a camping field trip to Denny Creek at the end of the year.
I know more has happened with the 4-6 classes, but am not pulling anything off the top of my head right now. My now 7th grader has done things like visit Lucy at the Science Center and keep a moon journal...and the Lucy visit was also part of his world history and writing assignments, so it's integrated throughout the classes.
In art last year, all three of my kids were drawing sunflowers at one point - and there was some metal work done, too.

And at home, I am working on teaching the kids to cook...and they're learning the science behind the way food goes together, too. :)
anonymous said…
Do they follow any type of science curriculum? Do they have certain material that is covered for each grade? Do they use the district science kits? Or is it just random, class by class, and teacher by teacher?

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