Heads Up: New SPS Website Preview

Just saw this but haven't explored. FYI.


ParentofThree said…
At a glance, (and as I suspected) there will be less information available for parents to access quickly. Take a look at how much data you can access on the current web site for your school.

Then look what is available on the new web site. Attendance area and school reports.

Gone are annual reports, school survey data, historic test data and the link to the Washington State Report card.
ParentofThree said…
And I do hope the board pays VERY close attention to their web site.

Really have to drill down to get to agendas (which does not appear to be working yet, so not sure how they will be ultimately displayed)
And meeting minutes? No mention?

The logical place to post both agenda and minutes is under School Board Meetings List, alas that really is all that page is: a list of dates.

And no mention of how to sign up for board meetings.

I understand this is just a preview...but all in all I see a VERY stripped down version of the current web site and I cannot help to think that that was the goal!

And remember the price tag is $700K.
Anonymous said…
I still can't find the information on how to pay the kindergarten tuition. You would think that if they want families to pay, they would make it easy to find out how much the cost is and where to send the money. Jane
Anonymous said…
No link to special education on the new web site (not that I can find, anyway). Not that there was anything like enough information on the old website, but at least there was some. How could they overlook something as major as that? Maybe they are hoping that can ignore it & it will go away.

Another thing I found odd was that one the sports page, they had links to the the playing schedules of some of the private high schools, but no mention at all of middle school sports.

Mom of four
Thing1 said…
Geez, guys, it says it's a Beta preview, with more to come. I would wait until it's finished before complaining. I'm sure there will still be something for you to grouse about.
owlhouse said…
Thing 1-
That the site is in Beta makes this the perfect time to go through the pages- examine both content and style- raise issue that would make the site more user friendly, ...

It's also important to note the site as PR tool- consider how SPS presents itself, its programs, its goals, measures of progress, community partners...

I noticed right away that there are NO alternative schools per the new site. All those efforts at adding Nova, Pathfinder, AS1, Salmon Bay, Orca back to the alt tab? Don't worry about it. Poof. No more alts and their pesky identities and histories that the supe doesn't get/approve of. Just options and service schools.

Anyhoo. Any upgrades you appreciate at the new site? It's important to share the positive feedback too. Might help build on what works.
ParentofThree said…
Well, from a "is it pretty" standpoint" it is pretty. Is that what the district is looking for right now? Or are they looking for feedback on the huge amounts of information it is missing?
Hard to say as they don't tell us how we should be evaulating the Beta.

Go to the Schools page, it is table now. Do you think lot's more information will be added - such as the schools website? Right now, it only contains information from MGJs "accomplishments" Attendence areas and school reports.

And it looks final to me, unless of the name of the school will become a link and all the information we currently have access too will reappear.

Got this nagging feeling that it won't.

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