High School Social Studies Surveys

The Social Studies Instructional Materials Adoption page has links to parent/community and staff surveys. Oddly, although the science adoption has a survey for students, social studies does not.

They are also looking for 2 parent/community representatives to survey on the high school social studies adoption committee. Applications are due by Jan. 6th and you will be notified by Jan. 10th. Here's some more info:

We are asking that prospective applicants bring an open mind, with passion about student learning in Social Studies, and avoiding approaching the process with a specific textbook or set of materials in mind. Time commitment will be approximately 60 hours between January and April, 2011. We expect to hold five day-time meetings (8:00 AM – 3:00 PM), and four after-school or evening meetings. The committee will determine its schedule at the first session on Thursday, January 20th, 2011. (3 PM – 6 PM).


ParentofThree said…
Are they serious...What is a "Test Generator" and why would I want my student to have one?
SC Parent said…
Why does the top of the "Community Survey" link say "SPS SS Teacher Survey" and ask questions like: "What is your background in Social Studies education?"
ParentofThree said…
That is called a mistake.

Typical, rush to get a survey online, over the holiday, to be closed once parents are paying attention again and call it...

"Community Engagement"

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