MAP Testing

One reader said she had heard that there was MAP testing before the Winter Holiday break. She's right. Here's the schedule for the year:

Sept. 20-Oct. 15, 2010
Dec. 13-Jan.21, 2010
May 23 - June 14, 2010

So that's not even 2 months between the first and second testing and yet it's 4 months between the second and the third.

The DRA (Direct Writing Assessment which is state mandated) was Sep. 27-Oct. 22.

The MSP (not to be confused with the MAP) for K-8 May 3-12 (schools can decide what days to have Reading and Math but Writing and Science are on set dates). So they have the option to do it all in one week or spread it out over two weeks.

So we are doing MAP testing AND MSP testing for K-8 all in 6 week period? No stress on kids there.

For high school students, the HPSE (which one parent at Chief Sealth hilariously referred to as HSPE means Happy Super Positive Experience, if you’re an optimist) is March 15-17 for Reading and Writing, April 12th for Science and May 31-June 21 (TBA exact dates) for Math.

There's also WLPT – Washington Language Proficiency Test February 7 – March 4
OLPT – Oral Language Proficiency Test Required for all K12 students enrolled in Bilingual Programs.

Thank you to Sue Peters who provided us with a link to these dates.


karyn king said…
Isn't the DRA the Direct Reading (not writing) Assessment?

-just trying to keep my initials straight~
Anonymous said…
DRA - Developmental Reading Assessment. At my school, it's only administered to 2nd grade students, as the State requires a fluency score for all 2nd graders, which the MAP test does not provide. Teachers at the school I work at were told that it was required for the Fall, but not Spring, which we teachers thought seemed weird (that we would not measure students' progress at the end).
A Seattle Teacher

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