Things To Do With the Kids Over the Break

The City has had a long-time practice of giving away trees for planting to Seattle residents to help keep Seattle green. They have all now been spoken for EXCEPT now some were not claimed. Want a tree? The digging won't be that bad because the ground is so soaked. Info here. (Note: this is only for yard trees, not street trees, as you need an SDOT permit and that takes a week to get.)

Here's a great list of things to do during the holidays with kids but I pulled out the freebies.

Something fun for the kids: a free cookie decorating class, Tuesday, Dec. 21st.

Seattle Center is having their annual Winterfest with a plethora of fun and free stuff to do and see. They will be having ice sculpting this Saturday from noon- 2p.m. Celebrate the Winter Solstice, Dec. 22-23 at Seattle Center, 3:45 p.m. (With the actual Solstice being Tuesday the 21st at 3:38 p.m.).

Also, if you are downtown, the Seattle Sheraton's chefs build fantastic gingerbread houses you can view for free in their lobby at 1400 Sixth Avenue. Very pretty.

Not to be outdone, the Fairmont (411 University) has a Teddy Bear Suite (10 am-7 pm) and local school/youth choirs sing in the lobby weekdays from noon to 1 p.m. All free.

Or if you are by the waterfront, there are 50 LED-lighted toyland village displays at Waterfront Park (1301 Alaskan Way), also free.

And, there's a lunar eclipse on December 20th that will be visible from North America starting around 9:30 pm with total blockage at 12:16 a.m. on December 21st. Lunar eclipses are safe to the naked eye.


seattle citizen said…
read a book with them!
Jan said…
Great suggestion, SC! I have ours all picked out!
SolvayGirl said…
Take the kids (from little to teens) to see Red Ranger Came Calling at Book-It—an affordable holiday musical in the nostalgic vein of A Christmas Story (though not as freaky).
seattle citizen said…
Might be too late, but a Christmas cruise on the Virginia V is a wonderful experience - lights AND the unique experience of riding a steamship, watching the engine...(My dad was on the Virginia V foundation early on, so I'm biased...cost of the trip helps keep her afloat!)
Anonymous said…
Even though my daughter and I are both writers and spend most of our time reading and then reading to each other our favorite passages, at Christmas we kick back, make popcorn and other snacks and will watch an entire season of Law and Order or Battlestar Galactica and talk all the way through the shows, pointing out our favorite quotes or story lines.

It still is fun being a parent even when they're seventeen.
ArchStanton said…
Just ran across this NPR piece about math, hating math, and doodles, with links to other stuff I haven't explored yet.

I think we might try some fun mathy things.
seattle citizen said…
Fun mathy things are fun, but here's a fun LA-y thing.

Puncuate and capitalize these words so it makes sense. Do not add words or change the order of the words.

that that is is that that is
not is not is that it it is
Charlie Mas said…
Thanks to Netlix and Hulu and other streaming media it's now easy to watch entire seasons of a TV show in a few marathon sessions.

I suspect that's what will happen in my house while the adults are at work this week.
Jan said…
So, SC, do we post our attempts at solving, or does that wreck it for anyone else coming along?

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