They're At It Again

From Joan Sias, word that the "highly qualified teachers" item that was inserted in a Senate appropriations bill to allow teachers such as TFA recruits to be considered "highly qualified" for NCLB is back in the bill.

Here's a link to the Washington Post blog, The Answer Sheet, with info on this story.

This is complete nonsense. On the one hand they want better teachers and want to direct districts to tell parents their student has a teacher who is "highly qualified" and that means a bachelor's and 5 weeks training? Look, if you want to put these student teachers into difficult to fill posts, fine. But to argue that they are highly qualified is wrong.

If you think so, please contact Senator Murray's office

The phone numbers are there. To get directly to her aide who focuses on education, call Sarah Bolton in her DC office - 202-224-2621.

I would also contact Senator Cantwell as well.


dan dempsey said…
Along the lines of "they are at it again." Read MGJ's latest line of disinformation, as referenced by Linda Thomas "News Chick".

Here is what MGJ wrote complete with a blue spin detector.
mirmac1 said…
I strongly encourage contacting the White House as well, at 202-456-1111 since this kind of pandering to moneyed interests seems along the lines of Obamacare and tax cuts for the rich and famous.
dan dempsey said…
Amazing, do any of these advocates for TfA know the difference between beginning a program and completing a program?

There is broad, bipartisan agreement among members of Congress and the Obama administration that it is the intent of Congress for alternative-route teachers to be considered highly qualified, consistent with the regulation that has been in place for several years. Chairman Harkin strongly believes that teacher quality is essential to student success, and intends to address this issue as part of a comprehensive ESEA reauthorization.

Senator Harkin is clearly MGJ's kind of guy. Perhaps we can consider all 9th graders in school for 5 weeks as high school graduates as well. That way no worries about either credits or GPA.
Kathy said…
TfA wants $50M year from the feds. This would allow them to double in size. We've got this pesky 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision.. What are the ramnifications of this bill in regards to the 9th Circuit Ruling?

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