Volunteers Needed for Instructional Materials Adoptions

Seattle Public Schools has committed to a seven-year cycle for instructional materials adoptions. The District wants to review and update all textbook decisions every seven years. The work is divided across the seven-year period so all of the adoptions don't occur at once. This year, the District is looking to adopt materials for these courses:
Middle School Language Arts
High School Science
High School Social Studies
K-5 Music

Each of these adoptions will follow the process set by Policy C21.00. Part of that process calls for one standing Instructional Materials Committee for all adoptions and a separate Adoption Committee for each adoption. The District is now seeking volunteers to serve on the various Adoption Committees to recommend specific texts for the classes.

If you would like to serve on one or more of these committees, you should submit your application without delay. Follow the links or visit the Curriculum Alignment page of the District web site.

There is not - to the best of my knowledge - any sort of holy war between pedagogies in these disciplines. This isn't likely to offer the sort of drama that we saw with the math textbook adoption. Still, it is a way for us to get involved and make a positive contribution.


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