K-5 Music Surveys

There's a survey for parents, staff and family members for K-5 Music Instructional Materials Adoption. They are looking for input on music curriculum standardization. The survey ends on Jan 6th.

There is also a link to an application to be on a K-5 General Music Adoption Committee. Applications are taken until Jan 6th.

The K-5 Music Instructional Materials Adoption page has links to all these items.

Thank you to SPS parent for this info (I had seen it but it dropped off my radar).


Anonymous said…
Who will teach these standards once they are adopted? Do many schools even have a K-5 music program other than the instrumental beginning band/orchestra that is available at 4th or 5th grade?

Our school has only a PTA-funded "artist in residence," i.e. non-certificated-teacher for grades K-3. No music program at all for kids in grades 4 and 5 who don't choose to join the band or orchestra.
ParentofThree said…
I know, kinda of ironic that they are spending countless dollars to standardize curriculum for a subject that doesn't exist in our schools, unless supported by the PTA.

Just another example of how out of touch downtown is with what is going on in the schools.
Lisa, many elementaries have choir (and I believe most are funded at the school level but help me out). Is this not true? Hmm.
Unknown said…
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