All Afterschool Activities Canceled

From the West Seattle Blog, an SPS robocall has gone out saying that all afterschool activities are canceled for today in anticipation of snow.

I don't know where you live but while it seems cold, I can't see it snowing until the evening. Probably good as a precautionary measure, though.


Elizabeth W said…
On-site afterschool care programs make a separate "close or stay open" decision.

If your child is at one of the programs run by Seattle Parks and Rec (if you do your program registration through a City of Seattle community center, that's probably you), you can call their "School Age Care Hotline" at 206.684.4203.

As of 1:30 today they plan to be open but ask that you pick up your child early if it starts to snow.
nacmom said…
I'd like to see this team of crack storm trackers take over strategic planning for the district.

They seek out external information.
They plan ahead!
They try to anticipate future events!
They make pre-emptive decisions!, stick to them and communicate quickly and effectively.

I usually disagree with their calls ;-), having a few too many recent memories of no-snow days... but I have to hand it to them for being on top of it.

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