No New State Audit Until Mid-February

Sigh. Just heard from someone at the State Auditor's office; no audit until mid-February.

FYI, it's called, "Seattle School District Construction Management performance audit".


mirmac1 said…
HooBoy, bet it's gonna be like this one:

Port of Seattle CM Audit
Funny you should say that Mirmac. It started out in the hands of the same consultants who did the Port Commission audit.
Anonymous said…
does anyone think the superintendent will make it through a second crappy audit? i don't. really, how can the downtown crowd, which is all about good business, defend a slamming audit. we shall see. bet the gates and alliance folks are polishing their defense speeches as i type.

Charlie Mas said…
Is mid-February the release date? If so, then the exit interview will come before that, right? Or is mid-February the date for the exit interview?

I understand what skeptical means, but I have seen, time and time again, people completely ignore any facts that contradict their ideology or belief structure - no matter how strong or consistant the data. We are not rational creatures. So the business crowd could continue to support someone who does everything wrong so long as the person continues to make the right noises and project the right image.

Heck, they can just blame all of the failure on the unions or the school board or the students and their families. They can believe that for as long as they have to - regardless of the facts.
ParentofThree said…
I don't think a damming second audit is the nail in coffin, rather the exact opposite...more praise and raise from the board. It is actually surreal how they give her more support each time something negative is revealed.
mirmac1 said…
The difference is the Port actually made changes! I'm not saying they were good changes, but changes nonetheless. Remember, Mic Dinsmore hit the road.

The Board better be ready for the sh*t to hit the proverbial fan.
suep. said…
Mid-Feb sounds good to me. Some of us will be back from and newly energized by the Parents Across America inaugural national conference and forum with Diane Ravitch in NYC, and more than ready to tackle the next SPS or ed reform debacle!

More details here about the PAA event: The Parents Across America Education Forum With Diane Ravitch

It's free and open to the public, just like our PAA/Seattle Ed 2010 forum at Seattle University this past October (where we Skyped Ravitch in to a crowd of about 350), so if any of you are in NY then, come join us. Should be a great night.

--sue p.
Charlie, here's the specific wording:

"We are hoping to publish the audit in mid-February."

Again with the hoping stuff. I think there are still serious issues (read: legal) that the SAO wants to iron out before publishing this thing. That can't bode well for it.

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