Saturday, January 29, 2011

Need a Bike For Your Kid?

Bike Works’ Warehouse Sale

Where: Bike Works Seattle, 3709 S Ferdinand St
When: Sunday, January 30 at 11:00 AM

Bike Works Seattle, the nonprofit bike education and promotion group, hosts its annual warehouse sale. All “as is” bikes will be on sale. All sorts of used parts and accessories will be on sale too, like rims, wheels, handlebars, tires, automobile bike racks, unicycles, bike jerseys and shorts, cycling shoes, and much more!


seattle citizen said...

Bike Works is a great organization. Lots of kids want bikes: What better way for them to get one than to go to Bike Works, start with a nice frame, and build the bike using donated new and second hand parts, under the tutelage of trained bike mechanics? They create their own bikes. Talk about sustainability - these kids learn how to build and maintain a valuable piece of equipment that will help them get around and be cool, to boot! (or to cleat shoe, as the case may be)
I've donated parts, including a VERY cool Italian "Sting-Ray" type bike, built in 1971. Banana seat, smaller front wheel,ape-hanger bars...and it was a ten speed! And Italian (think Maserati, not Fiat)! But I found it at a garage sale, in need of work, and never got to it. Now some kid is hangin' back on the bars, freak flag flyin', hummin' "Get out on a Highway..."
Donate to this organization; they're sooo deserving!

seattle citizen said...

Oops, I wrote that a kid was riding "with their freak flag flyin'." Of course this isn't true, it was safely ensconced in a helmet.