Principals and District Reach Tentative Agreement

From the district website:

Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Maria L. Goodloe-Johnson, Ph.D. and Patricia Hunter, President of the Principals Association of Seattle Schools (PASS) today announced they have reached a tentative agreement on a three-year collective bargaining contract.

For the first time in Seattle, principals’ compensation will be tied to student achievement and performance.

Approved today by the members of PASS, the three-year contract will cover the current 2010-11 school year through 2012-13. The contract will be introduced to the Seattle School Board at its January 19 legislative meeting and is scheduled for a vote at the Feb. 2 meeting.


A new evaluation system will be developed by a joint PASS and Seattle Public Schools taskforce by April 1, 2011 and will tie principal performance to student achievement. The new evaluation system will be in place beginning in the 2011-2012 school year.

The adjustments in compensation also recognize the additional effort that is needed by principals as the new teacher evaluation system is implemented. Market adjustments in the proposed agreement include, as of Jan. 1, 2011, 1.5 percent for elementary principals and 1.0 percent for middle school principals; and 1.0 percent effective May 1 for all principals contingent on PASS and SPS completing development of the new performance evaluation system for principals by April 1. The total cost of the contract for all three years is estimated at about $1.2 million. This is based on the "middle range" assumption of the number of principals who will receive incentives due to performance.

Since the contract is not signed, I don't believe it is available for viewing.


Charlie Mas said…
Here is the Times story.

Don't bother with the comment thread; it's the usual haters.
Sarah said…
No doubt, funding will be taken from the WSS.

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