Feb 8th Transportation Meeting Venue Changed

I have put it in the other threads on the Transportation Plan meetings but the location for the Feb.8th meeting has been changed. It was at Denny and will now be at:

Chief Sealth High School, 2600 SW Thistle.


ParentofThree said…
Can I ask a silly question, what is the purpose of all these meetings?
Stu said…
So they can claim "public engagement."

SolvayGirl said…
I would also hope that they are trying to inform people about the changes BEFORE decisions about school choice are made (in so far as we have choice).
Anonymous said…
Am I correct that SPS promised to have next year's bell times for each school posted on their website by today?

SE Seattle Fam
Anonymous said…
The transportation maps and bell times were to be posted starting today and all of them up by Saturday.

An SPS parent
The purpose of the meetings is so that staff can explain, in detail, what the new transportation plan may mean to them.

That we have so many smart people reading this blog that have read the plan and yet cannot discern everything meant in it, well, that's why you need the meetings.

You also need Board members to hear what parent concerns are. More than once parents and community members have found flaws in district plans.

You also need a place where it can be asked, out loud and in front of witnesses: where are the savings and how will you show us these savings as they happen and where will that money go?
Charlie Mas said…
I'm going to ask if this plan came out of the Transportation Task Force. You know, the one that they promised they would form two years ago. What? They didn't form it? How are we supposed to believe anything they say when they have such a poor record with the truth? Why should we accept any promise from them when they have never kept any of their previous promises?
Anonymous said…
Most of these "task forces" are just window dressing. They're gonna do what they want, if they can get away with it.

wsnorth said…
The district could probably save $5 million if they would quit pretending to engage us (and then ignore us).
Anonymous said…
Yeah, but then they can't say they had "buy in" from "community leaders" who blessed their perfidious plans!

Josh Hayes said…
It's all pretty damn frustrating. My own particular frustration is that two years ago my school (AS1) had its start time moved from 9:15 to 8:15, and why? Who knows?

But we're used to it now - except that the new transportation plan wants us to move BACK to the 9:15 start time so we can share buses with Olympic View, a K-5 school with that same late start. Man! Quit messing around with us, all right?

And why, since we're officially in the Eckstein catchment, why shouldn't we share buses with Jane Adams, which has the same early start as we do? Or would that make too much sense? After all, we used to share buses with Summit when it was in the JA building. Not like anyone asked us what we wanted.
anonymous said…
Just called transportation to ask where the elementary maps were that were supposed to be posted on the transportation page starting yesterday, Jan 26. Was told they have been delayed. No ETA available for when they will be posted at this time.
Roberto Guy said…
Free Venue Finder
We all know that transportation is very important and I'm glad that we found a time to discuss this kind of matter. Looking forward to it.

zerry ht said…
So nice of you to inform about it before hand. Internet has made life so easy and fast. I don’t think anybody can miss any meeting now. We are also hosting a transportation San Francisco venues. I feel such interactions are a must

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