Ed Reform Flowchart

A very nifty flowchart from our friends at the Seattle Education blog (Sue Peters and Dora Taylor) showing the "lines of influence" both nationally and locally.  They created this awhile back and admit it needs updating like the line between Gates and the Alliance, that Goodloe-Johnson is gone, and there are even more connections than ever in 2013.


Anonymous said…
How can I download this diagram?

Just passing by....
Anonymous said…
Please draw direct lines from Gates to LEV and Alliance and Stand then show all local ed-focused nonprofits not aligned as corporate reform adherents as having a great big X between them and those 3 Gates stand-ins. Draw another line to Burgess on City Council and Miller in the city office of education. Cuz no one at the ground level (aka the Great Unwashed) is getting grants unless they genuflect to The Cause of Corporate Reform and humbly beg the Gates middlemen for pocket change.

It's Les Miserables, Seattlestyle these days. The peasants haven't stormed the gate...yet. But it's inevitable.

Proud Pauper
Here's a link - on.fb.me/VajTUF
Dora said…
Someone took our original hand drawn diagrams and put them into a nice clean graphic and yes, we need to add many more faces and names including the WSPTA.

The original post is here, The Lines of Influence in Education Reform

mirmac1 said…
Why don't I see Phil Brockman on there...?
Anonymous said…
I paid for copies of the original, and I brought them to an SEA event 3 years ago. The event was 1 of these SEA-WEA informationals where we're given the inside skinny on negotiations, even though no one gets to see anything until they dump the 146 page contract in our laps on the night of the vote.

(Honestly, were they going to honestly say 'Hey! We're going to collude with MGJ and tie your job to MAP tests, but, we're on YOUR side!!!')

The doc had quite a few ooohs and aahs from WEA peeps, and, of course, since it had the taint of: 1. being effective, 2. NOT worshipping at the alter of Gate$-ILL-Vain-IA, 3. REAL grassroots work -------- I have NEVER seen any followup from the union which takes my money to sell me out!


Beargrilz said…
Great use of flowchart. My favorite tool for creating my own is definitely Lucidchart. I highly recommend checking it out and the great thing is that it is free for students/educators.
suep. said…
@ mirmac -- We definitely need to update the chart. There are more lines and names to add to that tangled web since we first created it.
marufhosen said…
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