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From SPS:
Do you have a child with special needs headed for kindergarten, 1st, 6th or 9th grade in Seattle Public Schools in the next academic year (2013-14)?

Do you have a child with special needs in other grades within SPS, but have questions about his/her building or program placement?

Wednesday, Feb. 20th,  Seattle Public School representatives, in conjunction with Seattle SPED-PTSA and SEAAC, will offer the chance to ask questions about the "riser" process in general and how it relates to your own student. Please join us Wed evening at JSCEE (downtown SPS administrative building at 4th and Lander), room 2700, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


mirmac1 said…
Thank you Melissa.

A little more information for familiies:

Parents/guardians will be divided out by region (instead of by grade band level) so that they can meet the area administrative teams in which they reside. However, if the student's services are currently being delivered out of the middle school service area, parents/guardians will be encouraged to meet with the geographical team serving their student at this time. Nevertheless, they should visit with the team serving their neighborhood assignment area; this in acknowledgment that students have: a) a guaranteed assignment to their neighborhood school; and b) a right to be served closer to home.
Anonymous said…
SPED Dead here

A couple years ago I came into Seattle Schools asking for an advnace planning enrollment meeting for my kid and I got the runaround. Typical experience I soon learned. There was no planning. Is there now? Doubt it but calling a meeting is a start I guess.

Jan said…
SPED Dead -- you are legion! I tried for 8 months to get someone downtown to deal with my child. We just finally showed up at the school during the fall registration period (not an option for all SPED kids).
Anonymous said…
Actually Jan, it is now an option, at least for secondary students. Just show up, and you'll be assigned a seat at your guaranteed school. All sped students. That's new. Of course, this school might be different than the school others are assigned to. The real question is where are they going to put (or keep) the new programs, and the inclusion programs in particular? Hopefully it will be better than before. At least they're having a meeting before August about it. It all depends on what is said. Let's hope it isn't "We've really improved everything for you, now you don't need sped anymore."

sped parent
Anonymous said…
About the meeting: Once you find out what the plan for next year is, be sure to share it with your child's school staff. If you parents feel out of the loop, try being the "staff" part of the loop that's keep in the dark. Very frustrating!

Sped staffer
mirmac1 said…
Been there, done that! Good advice Sped staffer!
Anonymous said…
Sped staffer. Yes! Frustrating that staff is the lsst to know. But! Don't be frustrated with parents who might happen to have ferreted out just a little more information than what's given to staff. They don't want to tell staff anything in the hopes that staff will just do anything for anybody.

sped parent
Anonymous said…
What the heck will parents of PRESCHOOL Students do at this meeting? How will their needs be addressed? For those not going to their neighborhood school due to lack of services being available there, and not necessarily being close to their neighborhood now in preschool, not having had much luck visiting K programs, or understanding the SM's??? Help!! There must be many of us!!

thanks for organizing this meeting.

preschool riser person
mirmac1 said…
Very good questions. Just to let you know parents continue to push, here is the SEAAC position paper on how the district must reform its riser process STAT!

Get involved with SEAAC and have an impact on special education in our district. Apply for appointment to this advisory council. Don't delay!

Nominations for the 2013-2014 are now being accepted. The NEW application deadline is March 1, 20, 2013: Download the nomination form.
mirmac1 said…

There will be interpretive services available for those whose primary language is other than English.

Please spread the word.

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