Music Teachers - The Grammys Appreciate You

From Citizens for Public Schools:

Something amazing happened at the Grammy tonight, a new category has been established, an award to the best music teacher of the year. Could someone with connections, please let the members of the Grammy know that due to NCLB and Race To The Top, music teachers have become extinct in most urban U.S. cities? So, maybe the Grammy could use their influence and contact our President to let him know how much more important music education is to high stake testing!

From the NY Times:

The Grammy Awards are adding a new honor for music teachers. Neil Portnow, the president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, announced the new award for music educators, which will be presented for the first time next year. He made the announcement on Thursday evening at an event for the Grammy Foundation’s Music Preservation Project at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles.
“Music education is perhaps the most vital part of the Grammy Foundation’s mission,” he said. The Grammy Awards, on Sunday, will also have a short video segment honoring music teachers and urging people to nominate educators. Teachers from all levels — from kindergarten through college — will be eligible for the award, which will be presented at a special ceremony the day before the Grammy broadcast next year.


Anonymous said…
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The Grammies gave our struggling music program at Rainier Beach 3000 dollars now all we have to do is convince kids that they don't have to be at Garfield or Roosevelt to make music.

Anonymous, next time give yourself some sort of name.

But yes, every school has to start somewhere. Maybe choral music might be better (cheaper?) to start with at RBHS.

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