Bumbershoot for Teens

From the City of Seattle:

You are invited to participate in Bumbershoot’s Youth Focus Group coming up this Tuesday February 12th from 6-8PM at The Vera Project (in the Seattle Center – Corner of Warren Ave. N and Republican St). We’ll have free pizza and soda, naturally, and better yet participants get a free pass for any day of the festival. More than that, you’ll know that your voice was integral to shaping Seattle’s biggest music and arts event of the year, which makes for some serious bragging points with your friends.

To be a part of this action email Elizabeth Maze at The Vera Project: elizabethm@theveraproject.org with the following:

NAME __________________________________
PHONE NUMBER _______________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS _______________________________

Spots are very limited so sign up quick!

The condensed version
What: Bumbershoot’s Youth Focus Group
Who: You, if you are a young person with something to say about music and arts in the northwest
When: Tue Feb 12th from 6-8PM
Where: The Vera Project – Corner of Warren Ave N and Republican St
Why: Cause you wanna make Bumbershoot as awesome as possible and the free ticket is pretty sweet too!


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