Seahawk Armageddon

I do like the Seahawks, really.  (But we are more of Packers/Steelers fans in our house even though no one is from the Midwest.  You may pick who you marry but not what sports team that person is attached to.)

The NFL is taking over a section of Pioneer Square for "Gameday Village" with activities starting TODAY (Wednesday) from 10 am-10 pm.   Thursday the "Village" will be open from 10 am to 5:15 pm. 

But tomorrow, Thursday the 4th, is going to the opening day for the NFL and, with the Seahawks being Super Bowl Champions, it's going to be crazy.

 There will be an free outdoor concert at the North Lot at CenturyLink Field by Pharrell (Happy) Williams and Soundgarten at 2:30 pm.   At the same time, fans will be arriving for the game that starts at 5:30 pm.  Apparently, some new girl singer, Ariana Grande, will be singing the national anthem before the game starts. 


And, district headquarters is just south of that area.  If you do not have to go to JSCEE, do NOT drive in that area.  (I suspect the Board meeting tonight might be sparsely attended, given it's the first day of school AND all this NFL hoopla is happening.) 


Po3 said…
Interesting, makes me think about that DT school. How many times a year will traffic impact students? Will that analysis be included in the $5 millon study?
traffic said…
I work across from the downtown school possibility and 2nd Ave is shut or disrupted fairly regularly for "protests" ending at the Federal Building on 2nd and Madison. Usually it's OK, but there are many days we are encouraged to leave work early due to downtown happenings.
Anonymous said…
My daughter desperately wants to go to the game so she can see see Ariana Grande sing. She has no interest in the actual game. She asked me to get tickets for the game for her!

Ariana Fan Mom
Patrick said…
Why do they hold major events like this on weekdays? Don't they think people have jobs?
Anonymous said…
I'm just surprised that the Mayor's office hasn't asked SPS to cancel school for the event.
Anonymous said…
Ariana Grande, of Sam and Cat fame, will only be singing the National Anthem, so you'll need a game ticket. Saw her on the Today Show last Friday. I'd hardly call her "some new girl singer". She's got multiple top 10 songs, two number one albums, sang for the Obama family and is a breakout artist. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said…
Patrick, thats what the weekend workers say on Sundays :)

mirmac1 said…
"I'm just surprised that the Mayor's office hasn't asked SPS to cancel school for the event."

Anonymous, that's rich! They'll justify it by saying they'll be tested on it after.
WSDad, that was a joke. I don't have young kids but I know who she is.

Anonymous said…
Well played. But you did say you were a Packers/Steelers fan ;)

Happy to see the A.H project started, waiting for SP/GH to get going. MW, thanks for all your thoughts and contributions here.


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