West Seattle Schools Were on Shelter-in-Place

From SPS Communications (tweeted 25 minutes ago):

West Seattle schools were in shelter-in-place after dismissal because of shooting in the High Point. Parents can now pick up students.

From comments at the West Seattle Blog:

4:32 pm - All the fall athletes (soccer, cross country, swimming…) are at school still sheltering in place. 

4:52 pm - I just rushed to meet my kids at 29th and High Point. They walk along Sylvan/High Point on the way home from Denny/Sealth. They had just walked past the police tape off area. They won’t be walking anymore…

4:55 pm - Pathfinder K-8 at Cooper has been shelter in placing for about an hour. Students are allowed to leave the childcare and school with an adult and must go directly to their cars.


mirmac1 said…
I was chaperoning a pizza party at Sealth, just in time to sit and wait. The kids were cool. Hope they bust the shooter. It lasted about 40 minutes.

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