Friday, September 19, 2014

West Seattle Schools Were on Shelter-in-Place

From SPS Communications (tweeted 25 minutes ago):

West Seattle schools were in shelter-in-place after dismissal because of shooting in the High Point. Parents can now pick up students.

From comments at the West Seattle Blog:

4:32 pm - All the fall athletes (soccer, cross country, swimming…) are at school still sheltering in place. 

4:52 pm - I just rushed to meet my kids at 29th and High Point. They walk along Sylvan/High Point on the way home from Denny/Sealth. They had just walked past the police tape off area. They won’t be walking anymore…

4:55 pm - Pathfinder K-8 at Cooper has been shelter in placing for about an hour. Students are allowed to leave the childcare and school with an adult and must go directly to their cars.

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mirmac1 said...

I was chaperoning a pizza party at Sealth, just in time to sit and wait. The kids were cool. Hope they bust the shooter. It lasted about 40 minutes.