Monday, September 15, 2014

Title IX Work List from SPS

Here's a link to the current status of Title IX work as presented to the Board Audit and Finance Committee on August 19.

A number of the action items on this list are familiar to those of us who have read lists of action items before. Of course the expected completion dates have all been pushed out later. I can't help noticing that a number of the "next action" dates fall before the meeting where this table was reviewed.

Editorial comments after the jump...

You can reach this table from the agenda of the Audit and Finance Committee for August 19. Click on the link titled "Audit Response Update from June 19, 2014 Quarterly Meeting: Human Resources"

2. OCR Complaint - Negotiate Resolution Agmt - It's pretty clear that the District is not expecting the Office of Civil Rights to find that the District is clear of any wrong-doing or need to change. What they do expect is less clear, but they appear to expect some sort of negotiated resolution. Too bad. The bureaucrats from each side will get together and settle oh a bureaucratic inaction. According to this table, the District should have received a draft resolution from the OCR on August 15, four days before this meeting. There is no public news about this.

3. Policy 3208 Review. The next action on this effort would be to incorporate items from the OCR resolution into the draft revisions of the policy on August 15, four days before this meeting. There is no public news and the draft of the revised policy is not yet public either.

4. PSESD Investigation. Ron English was supposed to send the PSESD a letter describing the District' s internal investigation and how it found all of the district staff perfectly blameless for everything. The PSESD investigation appears focused on whether the chaperone teachers were negligent in their duty on the NatureBridge field trip per the Code of Professional Conduct. The District believes that they were not negligent. The PSESD usually rubber-stamps whatever the district says, but I'm not sure if they did in this case.

6. SLI Training. This item suggests that there was a 15-minute presentation on the Critical Response Team at the School Leaders Institute. Not exactly Title IX training.

7. Annual Report. This is a reference to the item (5d) on the Operations Committee agenda for August 21, It's impossible to tell what this report may have been about. It may be an annual report on the number of Title IX complaints and their resolution. But it could be anything.

10. New Title IX Officer - Training on duties complete by 9/1. This sounds good, but there is no news that it was really done or done on time, or what training was provided.

11. Training - For school and central office staff, security specialists by 11/1. Same as above.

12. Communications plan. This, we know, was done. Plenty of talking points

14, 15, 16 Consolidated Program Review (CPR) Findings. The work described here is the work of following up on the work that the staff promised (and is late delivering). The next several entries are the required actions from the CPR.

16 various. Please note the extended action dates for these compared to the action dates stated in March.


Charlie Mas said...

The Audit and Finance Committee has yet to post their agenda for tomorrow's Audit meeting.

This meeting will include a review of the Audit Response Log and will provide the Board members with an opportunity to express their level of satisfaction with the promptness of the completion of the required actions from audits.

Historically they have not expressed any dissatisfaction with the pace of work, and have only requested updated timetables for those actions that were not done by their expected completion date - including Title IX issues that they claim, in public statements, are an urgent priority.

Anonymous said...

Dissatisfied with the District? A Garfield alum has created a rally--at Wednesday's school board meeting. Many have rally signs from Peaslee's no-show on 9/6)


Please post the event on your organizations FB page and share this with friends.

We're getting closer to establishing a formidable presence with your help. MANY THANKS!


Lynn said...

Items 14.2 and 14.3 require a nondiscrimination statement and information on discrimination complaint procedures to be included in all major district and building publications that are widely disseminated to students, parents, or employees. The action items listed note that this information will be included (among other places) in Student Handbooks for the beginning of the 2014-15 school year.

Here is Garfield's 2014-15 Student Handbook

If you go to OSPI's website and look for information on Title IX complaints, you'll find this chart showing contact information for each district. As I told Michael Tolley on September 5th, SPS still lists Paul Apostle as our Title IX coordinator. Good luck reaching him if you have a complaint to make.

Honesty said...

Will there be hired folks carrying signs? Will the rally against Peaslee include the information that there were attempts for individuals to locate her home?

Melissa Westbrook said...

Honesty,where are you getting this "hired folks?" At the last Board meeting, there were none (and I know this for a fact).

There was an attempt for one individual to seek Peaslee's address. We ALL agree that is out of line.

Please don't try to distract from the real issues.

Erica said...

OCR investigations typically result in a resolution agreement even if OCR determines that there were Title IX violations. The 2 are not mutually exclusive. Please see an example here: