Superintendent Nyland Meets the Public

If you haven't met Superintendent Nyland, here's your chance.  I think it worth your time especially as he is considering whether to apply to be the permanent superintendent.

From SPS Communications:

Dr. Larry Nyland, who was appointed by the School Board in June to serve as Interim Superintendent, has outlined several opportunities this fall to meet with community members.

These informal gatherings will include a few short remarks from Dr. Nyland, followed by time for an open question and answer period.
“I look forward to continuing to get to know our students, families, staff and community members,” Dr. Nyland said. “I want to hear from our school communities about what’s going well in our schools, where we can improve and how I can best serve this school district’s mission of ensuring every student graduates prepared for college, career and life.”

Due to potential family scheduling conflicts, Seattle Public Schools is rescheduling the Monday, Sept. 29, Superintendent meet and greet at the Neighborhood House in West Seattle.

The new date for the Superintendent’s meeting will be in late October to ensure families have time to plan and attend.

end of update.

The following one-hour informal meetings are open to the public:
Monday, September 29 from 6-7 p.m. at Neighborhood House 6400 Sylvan Way SW Seattle, WA 98126 (Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese interpreters will be available) CANCELLED

Tuesday, September 30 from 6-7 p.m. at New Holly Community Center, 7054 32nd Ave S Seattle, WA 98118 (Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Tagalog interpreters will be available)

Wednesday, October 1 from 8:30-9:30 a.m. at John Muir Elementary, 3301 S. Hornton St., Seattle WA 98144 (Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese interpreters will be available)

Monday, October 27 from 6-7 p.m. at Yesler Community Center, 917 E Yesler Way Seattle, WA  98122 (Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Tigrigna interpreters will be available)

Tuesday, October 28 from 6-7 p.m. at Northgate Community Center, 10510 5th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125 (Spanish and Somali interpreters will be available)

For American Sign Language, please send an email 72 hours in advance to Bernardo


Anonymous said…
I wonder why all but one of these meetings is in the southern end of the District? Maybe more will be added in other neighborhoods with lots of parents?

Anonymous said…
I was wondering about the same...
Anonymous said…
That would be because he is sending a message, I'd assume.

Good for him.

Seen It
Anonymous said…
"That would be because he is sending a message, I'd assume. "

And what is the message 8010
Anonymous said…
Ah, they are not all in the south end

although they are all in sketchy areas even the northgate meeting.

Dam Bellevue looking better everyday! 8010
Is your handle 8010? Because if I'm not clear on the name you are using, I will have to delete your remarks. Please don't make this harder for me.
Anonymous said…
This roadshow has the hallmark of the guy who assumes he is sticking around. And the roadshow is giving the finger to certain communities. Not good. Posturing to be politically correct means will get just more of the same when what is really needed is a clarion, reasonable, balanced, well-informed and effective vision and leadership. This just doesn't smell like this is what we will be getting.

Seems like Director Peaslee picked him as opposed to the others who were approached because she could 'have her way with him'. They interviewed stronger candidates (not THOSE candidates, other ones too).

Sorry, not feelin' it.

Between the Mayor lickin' his lips, Charles Wright's mysterious agenda, Herndon 'dialin' it in', and SpEd absent and not accounted for, it just doesn't seem like we are in for anything good anytime soon. Banda really REALLY did a number on us. A 'caretaker government' was NOT was we needed for the last several years. Put that awful perfect storm with some erratic/arrogant Directors, and our goose is most definitely cooked.

Hey, just my opinion.

Meanwhile, fantastic teachers will be showing up for our kids and doing their utmost day after day, often in spite of so much bad curriculum and textual materials. Teachers, you rock! Thank you. Yah, I know there are bad ones too, and, some mediocre ones as well, but, overall, they are amazing and they rock our family's world, so I give them props, because I know it isn't easy, and the pay sucks, and the expectations are ridiculous, and the constraints are impossible, and yet, they stand and deliver. They are the heroes of the system.

no hope (but thank you teachers anyway)

Anonymous said…
Its 8010 look it up.

Anonymous said…
It is noteworthy that the parts of district he isn't visiting are where the schools are soaring to new heights since the NSAP is in full effect this year. The poorer parts of town need to feel they will get their fair share of attention from downtown. I think it's totally appropriate. Middle class and up families get plenty of air time at JSCEE and on this blog and at SCPTSA. Nyland is only being equitable, and isn't that the name of the game?

8010, don't make my job harder or longer. I'm not amused and don't care what your handle is.

Just be clear when you sign-off.
Anonymous said…
Wow. Nyland critics and cynics already. Breakneck speed. No good deed goes unpunished, does it?

Charlie Mas said…
What questions do people want to ask Dr. Nyland?

Will anyone ask him about policy compliance? Is policy compliance important to him? What will he do if he is told that a policy is not being followed?

Will anyone ask him how the Board holds him accountable?

Will anyone ask him how he allowed the staff to do all of that pre-school work at the same time that they told the board that they didn't have time to work on board priorities?

Will anyone ask him about the status of the Equitable Access Framework? or the program evaluations for APP, Spectrum, and ALOs? or any of the dozens of other things that staff has promised but failed to deliver?

Will anyone ask him if a staff person was held accountable for refusing to provide correct information to the Board about the elementary math textbooks?

His job is to implement and enforce policy and to manage the staff, so let's ask him about those things.
Anonymous said…
I am laughing at Northgate community center being considered sketchy. Give me a break.

Anonymous said…

I laughed at that one, too.
Northgate community center is almost brand-new.

- North-end Mom
Anonymous said…
re: the Northgate comment. It shows exactly why I am exasperated by much of the NE contingent. The classism is rampant, deepseated and unacknowledged by many. Northgate as sketchy is beyond laughable.

If Nyland shows up in the far NW and Lake City - or north - regions of the district and makes the Bryant/Eckstein/View Ridge crowd get in their cars and drive for an evening, instead of summoning the Supe to them (like the grandstanding Eckstein facilities hooha) that's one point in Nyland's favor. This district can't get better if the Eckstein area considers itself grand poobahs in all things SPS. Which it does.

North of 85th
Lori said…
Ummm, one anonymous comment calls Northgate "sketchy" and suddenly the entire NE part of the city is guilty of classism? How do you even know where that comment came from, and can one person represent an entire population? This kind of trolling really gets tiresome.

I'm disappointed that there's only one meeting north of the ship canal versus 4 south. Can every northend parent interact with him in a single, hour-long meeting? I doubt it. But Banda didn't spend much time north of downtown either so I guess not much is changing.

Anonymous said…
Well Lori, I doubt all of the parents South of the ship canal including W. Seattle can meet with him even with the 4 meetings. Eckstein got a roomful of top SPS admin and that got to count for something. I'm not sure calling Northgate sketchy is deliberate trolling. It's not U. Village or Bellevue mall that's for sure and maybe that's where the comparison is coming from.

I wouldn't be surprised he'll have more meetings in the future if you are counting. Since I work DT, Yesler 6pm meeting will be easier for me to get to. Then again having gone to a few of these meet and greet with 3 past superintendents, I'm not sure it was all that effective as far as getting things changed. Nice to meet people in person though.


Eckstein got a roomful of top SPS admin.."

Were you there? Because I was and it was 2 top people and one other. That's not a "roomful."

"It's not U. Village or Bellevue mall that's for sure and maybe that's where the comparison is coming from."

And you know that comment is based on shopping centers how?

Northgate is not sketchy (not to me and I shop around there).

I do find it odd that there is not a meeting in the NW.
Anonymous said…
Well Melissa, I don't know which is why I qualified the statement. I don't find Northgate sketchy either, but then I do much of my shopping in the ID or the CD and am comfortable because I have work/life connection in these areas (whereas the few times I went to lunch meetings at U Village, I was feeling outside my comfort zone). And 3 SPS DT admin is a roomful in my book unless I go to JSCEE.

Anonymous said…
Friends: Could this thread get more ridiculous? Seriously, we're debating Northgate's "sketchiness" now? Let that commenter go to Bellevue while we grow thicker skins.

If Northgate is sketchy, that chicken-little better watch out for Lynnwood! Oh, the horrors! And Overlake? And Crossroads? OMG! OMG!!!

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Petty bickering brings down this blog. Elevate, people, elevate.

K5stem mom

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