Bell Times Update

With just about 24 hours until the vote on bell times, here comes more info.

First, the district has released a Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the change.

As well, KPLU's Kyle Stokes is tweeting this:

FYI updated the new bell times proposal — everything time-shifted 5 minutes. My updated spreadsheet:

I’m checking with whether bell times shift really will override current 7-hour day at

His spreadsheet is a wonder.


beef said…
hmm. purely selfish in my regards, i wonder why K-8 STEM at Boren is getting an extra 20 min of school time? I guess now that it is expanding into the 6,7,8 grade range, it fits with all the other middle and high school school day length.
Lynn said…
Yes. Because STEM asked to add grades 6-8 it has to meet the state instructional hour requirements for secondary school students.
Anonymous said…
Received this from Director McLaren on 11/1 in response to an email I sent her on 10/16:
I apologize for being slow with this acknowledgement of your email. Please know that all parent and community input about the Bell Times initiative has been carefully considered. Because of that, there is a slight possibility of some change in the final recommendation from the Superintendent, to be posted on the Seattle Public Schools website by 6:15 PM on Monday. Weighing the important health benefits that the most recent draft recommendations afford our secondary students, I do expect that I will vote to support the Superintendent's final recommendation to the Board.

Anonymous said…
I can't find anything on the SPS website about a 5 minute bell time change. Do you know where this info was posted?

Anonymous said…

Scroll down to the end of this document:

-North-end Mom
Off topic, but election results out
Anonymous said…
There's also now a note in the new Proposal that Tier 3 can opt in to Tier 1 if buses available in 2016.

- B
Ebenezer said…
First returns:

Seattle School District
Director District No. 1

Michael Christophersen
33.65% - 24825 votes

Scott S. Pinkham
65.87% - 48597 votes

Seattle School District
Director District No. 2

Laura Obara Gramer
20.72% - 15480 votes

Rick Burke
78.96% - 58982 votes

Seattle School District
Director District No. 3

Jill Geary
59.43% - 44392 votes

Lauren McGuire
40.22% - 30041 votes

Seattle School District
Director District No. 6

Leslie Harris
74.51% - 55538 votes

Marty McLaren
25.15% - 18744 votes
Patrick said…
Looks like the voters listened to Melissa. Or at least the Stranger.
Anonymous said…
Thanks North-end Mom and B, I see it all now, in it's full, highlighted glory.

Strange to shift bell times by 5 minutes, but at least the middle and high school times are still aligned at 8:45 am. Sounds like the few elementary and K-8 schools unhappy with Tier 3 will have the chance to move into Tier 1, so that is an improvement.

I hope the Board votes in favor of the recommendation tomorrow.

Anonymous said…
I think that 5 minutes will make a relatively large difference for the tier 3 elementaries with long bus rides (is this just Lincoln?). The difference in bus route time between 3:40 and 3:50 is much, much longer than 10 minutes because traffic in Wallingford comes to a full stop between 3:45 and 4 every day. My kids' bus has never been within 25 minutes of drop off time, and I imagine it would be more like 45 with a 3:50 end. Maybe this will be a little better.

Anonymous said…
Let's take a moment on process and feedback. Principals were supposed to let their schools know that there was again a change to Bell Times. They were supposed to poll their schools and provide mechanism for feedback.

Where did this happen? Even one school? Bueller? Bueller?

Tired of the subject doesn't mean you don't engage.

Another staff fail.

Anonymous said…
DistrictWatcher - this did happen at View Ridge Elementary.

NE Mom of 3
Anonymous said…
@ NE Mom of 3: Thank you for sharing a ray of outreach hope.

That's ONE ray. Anyone else?


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