Comment Moderation

Gentle readers.

Charlie and I have never shied away from discussions, even spirited ones.

We have a policy of not deleting any comment unless it is anonymous or has name-calling or is off-subject (and that one we don't always enforce.)

However, I will have to add a new reason - making threats.  Whether they are vague or direct, we do not want any threats being made against anyone and especially not against this blog.  The blog is a community service and Charlie and I did not work this long and hard to have anyone deliberately try to undermine it. 

As well, there seems to be a few readers who know each other and a couple who want to pick a fight each time the other one comments.  That needs to stop - take it elsewhere.

So I will delete any comment that has threatening language, using my own best judgment. (Luckily, these few readers have discernible writing styles/tone so I believe I know who to delete.  Changing your name is not going to save your comment.)

I am hopeful this will end that activity.

Moving on.

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