Small Business Saturday ( and don't forget your local bookseller)

As reported at Crosscut:
After the big box madness that has become Black Friday is the totally lovable celebration of Small Business Saturday. Saturday also acts as Indies First, a day to show your love for local booksellers and meet authors as they talk to you about books at the counter of your local bookstore. Sherman Alexie, the mastermind behind the event, will be at Elliott Bay offering book recommendations, Book Larder will be hosting a bunch of local cookbook authors (including Renee Erickson), and there will be a YA panel and sci-fi panel at University Bookstore. Don’t forget about Ravenna Third Place, Phinney Books, and Ada’s Technical Books, among others, and make this holiday one where you give the gift of books (I’m pretty excited to give my sisters an adult coloring book and Humans of New York: Stories).
Big shout-out to Ada's Technical Books, one of the coolest bookstores around.

I also endorse the coloring books for adults (but I have not yet seen an "adult" coloring book).  Coloring can be very zen thing that is good for all kinds of emotions including grief.

Lastly, yes, Amazon is a cheap bookstore and I have not seen their U Village bookstore but please, let's keep our real independent booksellers alive and well.


Comfort and Joy said…
Thanks for this. We went to Indies First at Elliott Bay Books Co., where my kid and Sherman Alexie chatted. Alexie asked my kid where he went to school and I answered he was in Scott Pinkham's district, to which Alexie smiled and nodded.

I had dithered about buying a coloring book for my imooto (Japanese sister-in-law, younger than I), but she too is grieving the far-too-early loss of her husband so I bought for her at EBB a Seattle coloring book with some pencils. I don't know where she is in the grief process so I didn't get her 12 gray pencils, which those wanting vérité to their Seattle-from-November-to-March pictures would use. "I'm coloring the sun purple," my kid told Alexie who was judging the coloring contest, "I don't know what color the sun is, I've lived here all my life." said…
Small businesses are in an extraordinary position to make valuable customer experiences.Their products and services are regularly corner; the objective customer is extremely characterized; and business operations are nimble and unconstrained by corporate rules and procedures.

@Kathy Brooks.

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