Safe Pathways to New Schools at Wilson-Pacific Survey

The story from Phinneywood Blog:

Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, Cascadia Elementary School (Advanced Placement Program) and Licton Springs K-8 will serve about 1,700 students total, including students from Greenwood and Phinney Ridge. Many students will have to cross major streets, including Aurora, 85th, I-5 and 105th/Northgate Way.

The survey is being conducted by Licton-Haller Greenways, Greenwood-Phinney Greenways and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. At the end of the survey, you can enter a drawing for raffle prizes for gift certificates from Woodlands Pizza, Fred Meyer and other local businesses.

Take the survey here


Charlie Mas said…
Man! It will be tough for elementary students to cross Aurora or 85th, but crossing I-5 will be nearly impossible!
Anonymous said…
Please take the survey! Under the SPS policy that only provides bussing for middle schoolers who live more than 2 miles from school, many kids will be expected to cross I-5, Aurora, 105th, Northgate, 90th, 85th, 80th, Greenwood Ave., and 3rd Ave NW. No small feat (feet). Sorry, my attempt at a pun.

-Summer Stinson
Anonymous said…
That should have been an "and/or" above.

Anonymous said…
The survey was strange, in that you must give opinions on routes that you may never encounter. My child will never have occasion to cross at 105th for instance, because of where we live. But it's the questions at the end that are worthwhile and will have the most impact. So do put up with weird questions at the start and press on!

East of I5
Anonymous said…
You would be crazy to let your student cross at 105th and Aurora. Why? because,

1. Located on the corner is a halfway house loaded with drug addicts, sex offenders and mentally ill. It's not uncommon for the police to raid the parking lot of the ARCO station for drug and prostitution daily.

2. The area attracts residence from the section 8 housing 3 blocks away. They are just hanging around looking for trouble.

The big questions is way Seattle has allowed the north end to turn into such a sewer. the sad truth is Aurora is a sewer from 85th all the way to 145th.

Dig Dig
Anonymous said…
Section 8 residents are all trouble-makers? Sewers are only okay in the south end? You're right. Build a wall and vote for Trump.

Sewer rat
Thanks for sharing this. There's a group of neighbors and parents that are mostly focusing on the crossing at 90th and Aurora and potentially a new one at 92nd and Aurora, but the survey is also attempting to look at the larger picture of how people might get to the schools just so that nothing is left out or missed.

To what extent is transportation included in the state's definition of basic education?
Anonymous said…
My 5th grade kid currently crosses Aurora to go to his aikido class (he can walk there from my house). It's been fine. I feel like it's safer for him to cross a street like Aurora at a crosswalk and a stop light than it is trying to cross some of the residential streets in our neighborhood where there's no crosswalk or stop sign.

Josh Hayes said…
I will say that there seems to be more concern getting kids across Aurora in the more southerly portion of the school draw area. There are significant issues, though: the neighborhood surrounding the north side of the school has a pretty substantial density of RV campers, drug use, prostitution, and so on -- and I'm not just casting aspersions, I actually LIVE in the neighborhood. I have to think that there will be a push to move those RV campers out of the area when the school opens, but otherwise kids have to A) get across Aurora, which is pretty dicey in spots, and then B) either walk down Aurora (ick) or navigate some not-so-awesome neighborhood streets between Aurora and the school.

There's not much to be done about it, of course: that IS the character of the neighborhood. But I do think a push to at least encourage RV campers to go elsewhere, and perhaps clear out some of the brush at the north end of Licton Springs Park (the way it has been done at the south end: it's impossible to camp down there now without being bloody obvious) is probably warranted in a couple of years.
Unknown said…
Transportation is included in basic Ed.

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