Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tonight's Speakers List for Board Meeting

Update:  the BAR on capacity management has been amended to a vote for a "preliminary approval of potential list" of 19 childcare classrooms that would be converted to "K-5" homerooms (meaning the Board is only giving tentative approval to this AND if classrooms are converted they are for K-5 uses.)  Huzzah!

As well, the Superintendent has asked for a postponement of the ORCA card program vote.

end of update

Just a quick note that the speakers list for the Board meeting tonight is absolutely full with 25 people on the waitlist.  The Board meetings continue to be popular.

Most of the speakers are listed to talk about capacity management which I would take to be about the possible closure of up to 19 on-site childcare centers in SPS.  There will be a couple of speakers about the ORCA card program.  There is no one on the speaker list for EEU but several on the waitlist.

Also a reminder that I will be on a panel tomorrow night, Thursday the 21st, for the 46th Dems to talk about levies and public education funding.  Should be a lively discussion.  It's at the Mennonite Church at 3128 NE 125th off Lake City Way at 7:30 p.m.


mirmac1 said...

Note that the BAR for the capacity action has been amended slightly. I like the edit.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Thanks! That wasn't there went I posted this along with the postponement of the vote on the ORCA card program.

Anonymous said...

Where is our new city council on this child care crisis?

Common Good

Melissa Westbrook said...

Common Good, well, I know that the district has reached out and is trying to work with the City Council and Parks to find space at community centers. But this is all getting worked on and until we know what schools, it's hard to know what is happening where.

Anonymous said...

Why did they delay the ORCA card vote?


alex said...

I am new to this blog. Such a great resource, thank you!

I was one of the speakers at the council meeting on Wednesday night on capacity management. What is so infuriating to me is that the board seemed like they were very sympathetic to parents' concerns and the idea that this plus the change in bell times is too much too soon. But then they approved the measure anyway.

How can we get more parental involvement into this process or is there no transparency at all? what a mess.

Unknown said...

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