Charter Commission Meets

I'll have a full write-up but here's a new fun fact.

Under the new law there are two new commissioners.  One would come from the State Board of Education and one from OPSI (the law says the executive director board chair of BOE and the state superintendent but we all knew that was never going to happen.)

OSPI has not put forth someone yet but from the BOE it's going to be Isabel Muñoz-Colón .
Ms. Muñoz-Colón is the K-12 Investments Manager for the City of Seattle’s Department of Education and Early Learning, where she also co-chairs the English Language Learner working group for the South King County Road Map Project.
That's quite a cross-reference of groups for Ms. Muñoz-Colón.


Anonymous said…
Actually, the law says the chair of the State Board, not the executive director, sits on the commission. Ms. Munoz-Colon is the chair of the SBE.

--- aka
That's right, AKA, I misread that. It's still an interesting cross-sections of groups that she's covering. Funny how the Mayor seems to be lining up charter supporters in the people who work for him.
Anonymous said…
Are you sure that Ms. Munoz-Colon is a charter supporter? Doesn't her appointment to the charter commission stem from her role as chair of the SBE? You can't presume support for charters due to a legislative mandate that the chair of the SBE sit on the commission.

--- aka
"All appointed members shall have demonstrated an understanding of and commitment to charter schooling as a strategy for strengthening public education."
Anonymous said…
But that role would not technically be one of the "appointed" members. I guess the chair of the SBE (or designee) and/or the SPI (or designee) could be opponents of charters. These role are not appointed in the same sense that the remaining 7 members are.

--- aka
Charlie Mas said…
Thank you, aka, for this clarification.

I really appreciate your participation on this blog.
No, they are not truly appointed - they are being forced to be on the Commission.

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