Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Open Thread

Updates to come: Seattle Speaks evening, discussion of the Work Session (kinda) about HCC.

Prince has died and that's a sad thing for many of us.  He was almost impossible to classify as an artist; a true original.

Associate Superintendent Michael Tolley will be remaining with the district for now.  Bainbridge Island chose another person to be their next superintendent.  Interesting thing about this article was that the Bainbridge School Board certainly revealed a lot of their thinking - openly and about all the candidates - to the press which is not what we see here in Seattle.

We're losing an important voice for public education in Senator Rosemary McAuliffe who announced her retirement.  What a blow at this important time.

Tweet from SPS: Seattle Public Schools to it routinely tests water. No problems found. No gooseneck pipes containing lead.

On this Earth Day, a new activity book for kids based on the walking and writings of Henry David Thoreau. 
This is why Corinne Hosfeld Smith's new book, "Henry David Thoreau for Kids: His Life and Ideas," is so needed and important. Eloquently written and thoughtfully designed, the book is a perfect way to introduce Thoreau to young readers, and, more importantly, to reintroduce them to the natural world.
I left it till the end of the week but this was National Volunteer Week so do take a bow for all the things you do, big and small, to support the schools and work of this district.  Thank you very much.

What's on your mind?


Anonymous said...

I found this article in the Seattle Times from a Nathan Hale student to be really important, and relevant to my students' experiences. http://www.seattletimes.com/education-lab/student-voices-why-i-need-more-feedback-from-my-teachers/


Anonymous said...

The disproportionate use of suspension and expulsion of students with disabilities is an issue that is rarely acknowledged. In Seattle Public Schools students who have disabilities as well as students who are black or Native American have received disproportionate amounts of suspensions and expulsions. The ACLU is collecting stories about student suspension and expulsion and other forms of discipline that are used instead of appropriate supports. If you have a story, please consider sharing it with the ACLU.

From the ACLU of Washington:

Students and Parents: Tell Us Your Story!

Has your student been pushed out of class, suspended, or expelled from school because of behavior that could have been addressed other ways? Was your child arrested at school or sent to juvenile court for school behavior? These practices deprive children of their right to education and are disproportionately used against students of color and students with disabilities. If your student has been impacted by these practices, the ACLU of Washington would like to hear from you.



Maje said...

That was an interesting article about the Bainbridge Island search. I appreciate how they discussed the reasons they selected Bang-Knudsen, but were also open to sharing some of the concerns they have. They aren't trying to paint him as the Perfect In Every Way With No Flaws candidate, but feel he will still do a good job and explained why.

Anonymous said...

Read the Bainbridge link Melissa posted. Was very hopeful to have Tolley move out of Seattle schools administration. According to the article a couple candidates rose to the very final consideration. Tolley was not one of them.

Did not know Tolley lives on Bainbridge. Explains a disconnect I've always sensed from his interaction or lack of them with Seattle families. Hope Kitsap has an opening soon.


Anonymous said...

I am a big Rosemary McAuliffe fan. I am sorry to see her go.

-- Dan Dempsey

Anonymous said...

Pearson's plan to educate the world.... using Pearson Products.


-- Dan Dempsey

Creepy said...

aka once announced, on this blog, that he'd seen myself and others in a public forum. I've never met aka, and I have no idea who aka is.

Very, very creepy.